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  • Our non-messy body oil, with easy application, with our invisible formula gliding onto skin leaving zero greasy residue. No more greasy body oil, just glowing, hydrated, protected skin.

    Relax and reground with this carefully crafted essential oil blend.


    Size 4 fl oz / 118 ml



    • Grapeseed Oil: This weightless power-oil is non-comedogenic so it helps all skin types look youthful and healthy.
    • Coconut Oil: Has been known to help reduce dark spots, soothe facial redness and help to fix an uneven skin tone. As one of the benefits of coconut oil for skin is that it helps to increase the natural production of collagen, this helps to improve skin elasticity for firmer skin.
    • Vegan
    • Fragrance : Brazilian Crush - A sweet, nutty concoction that combines the aromas of pistachio and almond with delicate floral notes of heliotrope and jasmine. A decadently warm base of caramel, sandalwood, and vanilla is complemented with a hint of salt to round out this vibrantly sweet aroma.


    Full ingregients :

    Grapeseed oil, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, Castor oil, and Fragrance

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